Serious lockdown breaches on duckpond ....
and possible duck trauma...

Dear friends, hope you are all in good health.

A certain miscreant has been seen breaching both the spirit and the letter of the lockdown regulations in the very centre of our village.

I managed to film some footage of his shameless escapades and I enclose the following link which I encourage you to view:


If anyone recognises this rapscallion, maybe a citizen’s arrest should follow in short order.

Any defence that he “was just testing out his eyesight” should be disregarded as bunkum and balderdash…!!

KInd Regards,

Joe Matthews.

Limpet - A short film about hanging on in there

Featuring - Alex Wallis, Mark Norman, George and Julianna Matthews and 

The Voice of Jan Hardy

Additional Photography by Ben Kirby

Original Music by Alex Wallis

Additional Music by Duritti Column, John Martin

Selected Readings by William Blake

Shot and edited by Joe Matthews

Produced by Alex Wallace and Joe Matthews 2018

To view click this link - https://vimeo.com/272027533